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Meet our Farm Team

All our staff are passionate about food, farming, and education- And they're pretty fun to hang out with. Each has unique qualifications and interests to round out our team. Read more below! 

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Robin Friesen  (Carrots)

Farm Collective Manager, Educator, Owner

Robin has a background in teaching Music, Montessori, Waldorf, and Outdoor Education. She has spent many years working in the backcountry first in geology exploration and then as a wilderness guide. She then was Director of  Outdoor Education and Risk Management for many years at York House School in Vancouver before starting Gibsons Farm with her partner Jordan. 

B. Music, B.Ed, BC teacher, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Paddle Guide, Farmer

Ryan Downey


Emma Marple  (Maple)

Farmer, Educator 

Maple is like a gazelle - elegantly leaping from baking dozens of pizzas in a hectic kitchen, to harvesting with speed and enthusiasm. She is a nutritionist by training, but on the farm is she is so much more and her calm energy attracts more than just goats. 

Nutritionist, Advanced Wilderness First Aid,  Farmer

Ryan Downey


Havanna  (Pinto)

Farmer, Educator

Pinto grew up on the ocean - with both parents as kayak paddle guides, she has been on an adventure her whole life. She is always up for shenanigans and has an incredible work ethic. She is a certified teacher and our horse wrangler. 

BC Teacher, Equine Instructor, Wilderness First Aid, Paddle Guide, Farmer

Ryan Downey

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Tessa (Garlic)

Farm Market Garden Manager

After years of travelling as a wilderness guide and teacher across several continents, Tessa found herself on her family farm learning to grow the best produce around. She started her own farm in Ontario in 2020, and has now joined our team to focus on the production of annual crops in the market garden. Tessa’s passion for farming, cooking, and eating good food is infectious!

Wilderness First Aid, Mountain Guide, Farmer

Ryan Downey


Jordan Maynard (Goat)

Farmer, Educator, Owner

Jordan has been farming for 15 years, beginning at Southlands Farm in Vancouver. He is a teacher with a specialization in Outdoor Environmental Education and a horse riding coach. He is passionate about fruit trees, and loves winter pruning because he can spend all day in a tree. 

B.Sc. Agroecology, B.Ed Environmental Science, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Sporthorse Competition Coach Equine Canada, Professional Agrologist BCIA

Ryan Downey


Pippa Boothroyd (Pepper)

Farmer, Educator

Pepper has been the resident wrangler at Gibsons Farm for three summers in a row. She brings an unparalleled energy and creativity to summer camp. Any weekday in July and August you can hear the delighted voices of kids calling "farmer Pepper!".  When she's not on the farm, she is studying at MGill university. 

Ryan Downey


Rozzy McCanny (Mizuna)

Farmer, Educator

Mizuna loves eating greens right out of the garden - her spirit animal is a Jackalope after all. She is a certified teacher, specializing in outdoor education and was the farm manager at Camp Fircome. Her smile is infectious and her easy going way with kids is wonderful to be around. 

BC Certified Teacher, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Paddle Guide, 

Ryan Downey


Kris Korol (Whiskey Jack)

Farmer, Educator

Whiskey Jack's are known for stealing snacks, but also hearts. When he isn't introducing people to penguins in the Antarctic, or keeping them away from polar bears in the Arctic, we are blessed with his stories and fun times at the farm. Prior to Gibsons Farm, Whiskey managed Southlands Farm in Vancouver.

Polar Guide, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Paddle Guide, Commercial Diver

Ryan Downey


Ryan Downey (Rooster)

The Shortcut Takeout Owner

Downey is an inspired Chef, cooking up all day breakfast at the farm. He uses veggies from our fields and local products in his epic sandwiches, wraps, and surprise specials. Downey is a man of many talents. He is also a wilderness guide.

Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Chef

Ryan Downey


Liam Watson (Lele)


Lele was working on his Science degree when the pandemic hit and he took up farming. He might have been born with a shovel in his hands and his enthusiasm is infectious.​ Watch out for "Fort Watson" as you explore the farm, the site of many sieges. 

Ryan Downey

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 7.37.14 AM.png

Katie Miles  (Saltie)

Previous Farm Market Garden Manager, Educator, and now guest instructor. 

Katie is a musician and a farmer. She has farmed for many years, in Vancouver at Southlands Farm, Soul Foods in downtown Vancouver, and in California, before landing here at Gibsons Farm. She has a degree in agriculture from UBC. Currently she is trying out living in the big city and visits us for special programs. 

B.Sc. Agriculture, Current First Aid Training

Ryan Downey

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